How to Send Your Wedding Invitations

The 4 S’s of sending your invitations (stuffing, stamping, sealing and sending) simplified and my list of essential supplies to get the job done right.


  • Place the cards from smallest on top to largest on bottom so that all cards will be seen when your guest removes it from the envelope.

  • Remember to include a stamp on the response card envelope. Most response card envelopes will need a forever stamp, but if your response card has anything 3-D (ribbon, wax seal, etc) or is a square it will need more postage than a forever stamp. More on stamps below…




  • Double check all postage required with the post office you plan to send from!

  • You can ask for “Hand Canceling” so that they won’t go thru the machine, but honestly I think they all go thru the machine anyway now. That is what I have been told and found to be true, unfortunately!

the list of essential supplies For mailing invitations: