How to get the perfect photos of your wedding invitation

There are so many details to plan for your wedding day, so to get the perfect photos of your wedding invitations and other paper goods I put together some advice for brides.

Carly and John’s wedding photography by  Patricia Lyons , styling by wedding planner  Anne Book , invitation design by  Charm Studio  and calligraphy by  Stacey Shapiro .

Carly and John’s wedding photography by Patricia Lyons, styling by wedding planner Anne Book, invitation design by Charm Studio and calligraphy by Stacey Shapiro.

Choose a photographer

When selecting your photographer notice their photos of paper goods and make sure you like how they style and shoot them. Discuss what you are looking for before hiring them.

Plan in advance, starting with the save the dates

As you begin to design your paper goods, order an extra specifically for photos.

Order an extra for photography

When ordering save the dates and invitations include an extra with envelope and address to be used only for photography. For the address, you might want it to include your maiden name and current address as a nice keepsake for your wedding album. Also, make sure to include all cards and elements!

Make a “Photography box”

Start a “photography box” to have one place where you keep all samples for the photographer. Add the samples in it as you design each paper good so they all stay pristine and ready to be photographed.

Don’t forget the welcome Bags and Day of Elements

Make sure to include a sample of your welcome bags for your photographer too! Make a shot list of other day of details you want included too; menus, signature drink signage, cups, napkins, and more!

Photo Styling

Talk to your photographer ahead of time about shooting the paper goods. Discuss styling elements, backgrounds, florals, trays, jewelry and other accessories to be included in the photos. Collect your styling elements and have them in the photography box ready to hand off to the photographer on your wedding day.

Carly and John’s wedding is a perfect example of beautiful invitation and paper good photographs (below).

Photography by Patricia Lyons, styling by wedding planner Anne Book, invitation design by Charm Studio and calligraphy by Stacey Shapiro. For more photos from Carly and John’s wedding view their gallery.

I hope this helps you prepare your picture perfect photos!


Wedding Reception Essentials

It’s all about the details!

Putting the finishing touches on your reception paper goods makes all the difference for a polished overall look. I have collected some of my favorite examples from weddings I have helped design with tips on how to archive this look for your wedding.

Table Number Holders:

Pretty table numbers are actually really hard to find. I have put together a collection of classic simple and pretty holders and where you can find them.

Abbey and Jeff 2.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.58.17 AM.png


Chargers make the perfect backdrop for your menus, I especially love how it looks with a round menu.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 9.56.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.09.10 AM.png


A simple acrylic, silver or white frames help subtly give your table numbers, menus and other signage a finished look. I suggest the simpler the better and let the signage and other decor like florals take center stage.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.45.43 PM.png

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All photos above are my work from real weddings. To see more photos from these weddings please see the Charm Studio gallery.

How to Send Your Wedding Invitations

The 4 S’s of sending your invitations (stuffing, stamping, sealing and sending) simplified and my list of essential supplies to get the job done right.


  • Place the cards from smallest on top to largest on bottom so that all cards will be seen when your guest removes it from the envelope.

  • Remember to include a stamp on the response card envelope. Most response card envelopes will need a forever stamp, but if your response card has anything 3-D (ribbon, wax seal, etc) or is a square it will need more postage than a forever stamp. More on stamps below…




  • Double check all postage required with the post office you plan to send from!

  • You can ask for “Hand Canceling” so that they won’t go thru the machine, but honestly I think they all go thru the machine anyway now. That is what I have been told and found to be true, unfortunately!

the list of essential supplies For mailing invitations: